South West Ontario Liberal Platform Roundtables

South West Ontario Liberal Platform Roundtables

This weekend’s Regional Platform Consultation Meeting being held at:


Delta Kitchener
Kitchener Suite 1 & 2
105 King St E
Kitchener ON

Following up on the great ideas generated at the Collingwood Conference, the Campaign Policy Committee Co-chairs, Julie Dzerowicz and Charles Sousa, agreed to undertake a series of regional meetings to occur near the end of the 2010 calendar year. This weekend’s meetings will be the first in a series of meetings happening throughout the month of November as a means to create Grassroots policy initiatives – and to hear what will be important to your ridings in the year ahead.

The ideas and feedback you will provide will have a direct impact on the formulation of the 2011 Ontario Liberal Party Campaign Platform. It is extremely important for us to hear from you, Grassroots Liberal members, to know what issues matter most.

We already have a great line up of speakers and guests who are scheduled to attend. We will have:

  • Hon. John Wilkinson, MPP 
  • Hon. John Milloy, MPP 
  • Leeanna Pendergast, MPP 
  • Liz Sandals, MPP
  • Alex Johnston (Chair)

This will be a daylong meeting, starting at 9:30am and concluding at 4:30pm. Breakfast and lunch for attendees will be provided. Most importantly, the cost to you is nothing! That’s right; we are not charging you anything to attend. However, we do request that you all register to attend prior to this Thursday November 11th.

Please fax back the form to OLP by 5:00 pm on November 11th at 416-323-9425


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