Act before midnight if you want change

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Windsor Tecumseh —

There is change in the air—change that you, and Canadians like you, have set in motion. Last week your support helped us save the gun registry. Yesterday, Liberal MPs put Parliament on course to reinstate the long form census.

And right now, with one of the most critical fundraising milestones of 2010 less than 24 hours away, I’m inviting you to take a big step forward.

Please make a donation before midnight tonight: Thursday, September 30th.

Make a donation before midnight tonight

All across the country, Canadians are demanding that the government focus on the issues that matter—pensions, health care, learning and jobs. Your voices and support this summer powered the Liberal Express over 57000 kilometers and through more than a hundred communities in ten provinces and three territories. And at Monday’s Open mike town hall, hundreds more of you echoed that refrain once again, both online and in person.

We’re listening. And we’re here working for you.

But Stephen Harper isn’t listening to anyone. With a $17-million war chest from funds raised in 2009, the Conservatives can buy TV ads to push their agenda or attack opponents whenever they like.

Every week the stakes go up.

The Conservatives are spending billions of dollars of your money on a bad deal for stealth fighters and American-style mega-prisons, pushing us further into debt. Jack Layton’s NDP can’t figure out what they stand for anymore. Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party of Canada are the only ones standing up for you.

Together, we can effect the change you’re asking for and make real headway for Canadians. Demonstrate just what this country can achieve with a progressive, compassionate and responsible alternative to the Harper government.

You can make all the difference – Be part of the change.

Even $10 or $25 will make a significant impact, and if it’s within your means, please consider a gift of $100 or $250.

Whatever the amount, please make your contribution before midnight tonight, for the maximum possible impact. And remember that since political donations are tax creditable, you’ll get as much as three-quarters of that back at tax time.

Thank you,


PS. Monday’s Open mike event in Outremont was the first in a series of unscripted and unfiltered conversations Michael Ignatieff is having with Canadians across the country. Visit our web site regularly for more information about upcoming events near you, and learn how to participate in the conversations online.

Adam J. Smith
National Director, National Liberal Fund
Liberal Party of Canada

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