How you saved the gun registry

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Windsor Tecumseh —

Just moments ago, Michael Ignatieff led Parliament’s opposition to defeat the Conservative bill that would have killed Canada’s long-gun registry.

This is your win.

When we asked, you spoke up for Canada’s public safety in your community and online. You donated so our Women’s Caucus could spread our message across Canada in the critical final days before the vote. And when Jack Layton refused to take responsibility for his NDP caucus, you phoned his office and told him to get the votes no matter what.

But this is just the start of this parliamentary session, and there will be much more to do in the weeks and months to come. So I’m asking for your help again today, to ensure that we can meet the next challenge as effectively as this one.

Today’s vote is a perfect example of how a strong, well-funded opposition can fight for your values in Ottawa and hold this divisive, confrontational Conservative government to account when it refuses to listen to you.

But today’s victory also comes with a dark cloud.

Hold Harper accountable. Support strong opposition.

That dark cloud is the possibility that Stephen Harper approaches every issue the House faces this Fall with the same bitter and acrimonious tone we saw during the gun registry debate.

Canadians like you are calling loudly on politicians to work together more cooperatively. We’re listening to you, just as we did throughout the summer as the Liberal Express traveled over 56,000 kilometres to every province and territory.

We’re ready to spend the next months working for your priorities in the House of Commons—pensions, health care, learning and jobs, not stealth fighters, American-style mega-prisons and senseless attacks on the census.

This last battle showed what we’re up against. When the fight to save the gun registry came to a head, the Conservatives opened their war chest and blitzed Liberal ridings with ads attacking our MPs. We turned to you.

Hold Conservatives accountable. Your contribution today of $250 or $100 (or whatever you can afford) will enable the Liberal opposition to work for YOU.

The Liberal Party of Canada represents the only progressive, compassionate and responsible alternative to Stephen Harper and his politics of division. Your support today will make all the difference tomorrow.

Thank you,


David McGuinty
Liberal House Leader
Liberal Party of Canada

PS. Remember that your donation earns you a generous tax credit of as much as 75 per cent of the amount you contribute. That means that a $100 gift will really only cost as little as $25, and a $250 gift costs only $62.50. A little goes a long way!

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To contact the Liberal Party of Canada, please reply to this email. Our mailing address: 81 Metcalfe street, suite 600 Ottawa ON K1P 6M8.



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