Our priorities: Learning. Care. Canadian Leadership.

The choices we face as Canadians begin and end with families. They begin in the evening, after the kids have gone to bed, when parents sit down to figure out how to pay the bills. They end with decisions about what fits in the family budget and what must wait for another day.

In the next election, Canadians will have to make those same kinds of decision about what we can and can’t afford as a country. Yesterday in Mississauga – a city hard hit by the recession – I laid out my thoughts on what that will mean.

Please watch this video summing up the choices a Liberal government will make to ensure Canada’s economic success.

The Liberal Party sees the Canadian economy the way Canadian families do.

We’ve got to balance the budget, fight the deficit, and freeze corporate tax cuts so we can make targeted investments in our priorities of learning, care and Canadian leadership, investments that will help us confront the big challenges facing Canada between now and 2017, on our 150th birthday.

We talked a lot about those challenges at the Montreal conference earlier this year. Challenges like an aging population, rising health care costs, and declining labour productivity growth, which is now less than a third of what it is in the United States.

The message we heard in Montréal was: Wake up. These things are happening. Get ready, because they’ll only get more intense between now and 2017.

Tackling these challenges is the choice we’re making. It is the responsible choice.

We have an opportunity to inspire the world with our solutions to those problems but only if we face them head on.

With Stephen Harper we’ve buried our head in the sand. Canada has fallen behind. We’ve become a big country that acts small, a country that waits for other countries to lead instead of taking bold steps ourselves.

Canadian families know that putting off tough choices only makes things worse.

Canada is better off today than the United States, Britain and other countries because of tough choices Liberal governments made in the 1990s. We Liberals will leave this country in better shape than we found it. We’ve done it before, and we will do it again.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch this video and learn how a Liberal government will invest in our priorities of learning, care, and Canadian leadership today to ensure Canada’s economic success tomorrow.


Thank You.

Michael Ignatieff

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